At The Spur Group, 97 percent of employees say their workplace is great.



This review is based on 89 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 3.97. It was published on Jan 12, 2018. 4578 Visitors

What Employees Say

I believe management would lay people off only as a last resort.
People care about each other here.
Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.
Management is competent at running the business.
I am given the resources and equipment to do my job.

What They Do

We asked The Spur Group to explain what they do. Here is what they had to say.

The Spur Group is a consulting firm of go-to-market (GTM) experts helping Fortune 500 technology companies improve market presence, grow business, accelerate revenue, and align communications. We drive client success in channel management, business operations, sales transformation, and connected communications.

About this Company

Website: Industry: Professional Services
US Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, 98052 US Sites: 1
US Employees: 117 US Revenues: $20.9 million
Worldwide Revenues: $20.9 million Corporate Structure: Private
Founded: 2013

Welcome to the Office!

Perks and Programs

We asked The Spur Group to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say.

  • Mentorship Program: Every new employee receives a career manager (for formal, professional advice) and a mentor. The role of the mentor is to offer advice and guidance in a safe and supportive manner. Mentors meet at least once a week with new employees to help new-hires feel welcome and productive.
  • Spark Tank: This is The Spur Group's version of Shark Tank! Each year, every employee has the opportunity to formulate ideas - both silly and serious - for how to improve the firm and present them to the senior leadership team. The winners share their idea at the annual company offsite and can receive up to $1500 for their hard work and creativity.
  • Community Spurvice: NEW: The winning idea of the 2016 Spark Tank was Community Spurvice. Community Spurvice is a team of employee volunteers who organize local opportunities for the firm to give back to the community. This team finds ways for us to contribute to causes we care about. In 2017, Spur employees were passionate about cleaning up the environment, providing resources and support for people who are underhoused, and raising money and awareness to combat childhood cancers. In response to our employees’ priorities, the Community Spurvice team led a 35-employee local park clean up, organized a silent auction (with all items donated by employees) benefiting Mary’s Place, a Seattle-based homeless shelter and resource center, and organized participation in a 5K event to benefit childhood brain cancer research in the Puget Sound.
  • Spur After Hours: Spur After Hours provides a variety of fun opportunities to get to know the growing number of people at the company. The Spur Group sponsors after hour events such as baseball games, intramural sports leagues, company parties, happy hours, and other celebrations to foster camaraderie and teamwork. The most notable Spur After Hours event is the annual themed Holiday Party. In 2017 everyone came dressed in their best 1920s attire for a glamorous, Gatsby-themed night.
  • Profit Sharing: To spread the firm’s wealth, all employees participate in a profit sharing program and receive level-dependent “profit points.” When the firm hits our annual profit target, employees are paid profit points equivalent to $1 per point. If we miss our profit target, profit points are prorated based on the percent of our profit target attainment. This unique system rewards employees in profitable times and acts as a safeguard to protect employees from job cuts in tough times.
  • Women of Spur: NEW: In 2017 The Spur Group started Women of Spur which is a group to support the careers and interests of our female employees. Women of Spur has organized books clubs, private lectures from financial advisers, Meetup events, and panel discussions led by women in management-level positions at The Spur Group.
  • Internal Projects: Every Spur employee has the chance to pursue a "passion project" by volunteering to work on an internal project in addition to their client work. Internal projects give employees the the opportunity to explore and impact other areas of the business, whether it be marketing, sales, business management, or promoting diversity in the workplace. Internal projects serve as a great opportunity to learn more about the firm, meet new people, and explore your passions.
  • All-Hands Meetings: NEW: The Spur Group holds monthly All-Hands meetings where all employees gather to discuss firm-wide announcements, Spur After Hours events, the client pipeline, profit target attainment, and more. Afterwards the firm is treated to a catered lunch - and sometimes even a Ben & Jerry's ice cream party.
  • Food Frenzy Friday: NEW: On the last Friday of every month, the entire firm gathers for the monthly All-Hands meeting where we discuss relevant updates and upcoming events. Once the business has been taken care of, the real fun starts. Every employee is treated to a catered lunch, ice cream party, or even a Thanksgiving feast and can wash it all down with a cold beer from the fully-stocked beverage cooler.
  • Annual Company Offsite: The annual company offsite is the opportunity for all employees to gather and recap the highs and lows from the past year and set course for how to continue growing and improving in the upcoming year. All levels of employees watch and participate in presentations and breakout groups from across all service lines and function areas. Our annual company offsite is held each year right before the holiday season, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in ugly holiday sweaters? All employees come decked out in their best (or worst) holiday attire and a firm-wide vote determines the winner of an Amazon gift card.


$56,063 Average salary and additional cash compensation for Consultant 100% Match of employee’s 401(k)/403b contribution up to 4% of salary
100% Company-paid health coverage for employees 100% Company-paid health coverage for dependents


Unlimited Vacation Paid time off Unlimited Sick Paid time off
Unlimited Paid time off as of first day of full-time employment


90 days Job-protected maternity leave (including FMLA/STD) 60 days Fully-paid maternity leave (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)*
60 days Job-protected paternity leave (including FMLA)30 days Fully-paid paternity leave (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)*
60 days Job-protected parental leave for adoptive parents (including FMLA)*30 days Fully-paid parental leave for adoptive parents (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)
*Employees are not required to use all their personal paid time off before taking parental leave. All employees are eligible for parental leave benefits.


  • Lactation room(s)
  • Paid sick leave to care for a child or relative


  • Mental health care
  • Alternative treatments (such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic)

Community and Environmental Impact

1,000 hours Paid time off to volunteer $12,000 Philanthropic donations in last year
Yes Sustainable commuting program Yes Recycling program
Yes Locally-sourced food program


  • VP of Strategy and Business Development oversees diversity and inclusion practices
  • Written policy prohibits discrimination based on (at a minimum) age, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation
  • Formal programs (such as resource groups, mentorship, networking, or other affinity groups) support professional development for: Women
  • Non-birth parents in same-sex relationships can take parental leave
  • Medical care covers gender confirmation surgery

Leadership Diversity


Workforce Diversity

Monthly All-Hands are Times for Celebration


All Smiles at Spur

How to Get Hired

We asked The Spur Group for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

The Spur Group looks for individuals who are smart, kind, hard-working and driven to deliver outstanding results. A prospective employee is a great fit if they are organized, able to solve complex problems, self-motivated, eager to learn, have strong presence and poise—especially under pressure—and can write and speak well. We prioritize the capacity and willingness to learn over pedigree. The advantage of this approach is that it brings a wide breadth of knowledge and diverse ways of thinking to the firm, equipping The Spur Group to tackle any unique client problems that may come its way.  While business acumen can be helpful, we can teach many of the business skills required.

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

Prospective employees should demonstrate their ability to learn and grow during the post-interview business boot camp training week. We especially look for candidates to be: - Authentic: self-aware about what they know and what they don’t know, because we value honesty and transparency. - Respectful: acknowledge everyone's opinions, abilities, qualities, or achievements because it fosters appreciation. - Prepared: research our firm, the clients we work with, and the types of projects we do and be clear about why they want to work in the consulting field. - Courageous: vulnerable when speaking up and listening because it creates opportunities to grow.

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

We will continue to focus on attracting diverse and talented entry-level Associate Consultants and Consultants. In addition, we will start to target more specialized hires focused on Channel Strategy and Connected Communications service lines. Finally, as we look to expand to different verticals (e.g. banking, insurance, healthcare) we will be looking for expertise in those areas.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

Interested candidates should read everything on our website and research the companies we work with and industries within we work. Candidates should also talk to friends or family members who work in the consulting field to see if consulting is right for them. If the consulting field and working for The Spur Group interest you, apply for a position through our website: 

hiring Outlook

50 Forecasted positions to fill in coming year 23% Job Growth
17 Average applicants per opening 894 Total job applicants
56% New hires by employee referrals 5% Openings filled by current employees
21 Recent graduates hired 18% Voluntary turnover for full-time employees
* All figures refer to 12-month period prior to reporting, unless otherwise noted.

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