Integrity, teamwork, and un-wavering values have kept employees steadfastly believing that, despite the economy, MBP remains one of the most ethical, caring and reputable companies within their sector of the industry.



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This construction consulting and management firm, founded in 1989, is based in Fairfax, Virginia, operates 11 sites and employs a total of 264 people. Overseen by Charles E. Bolyard, Jr. and Blake V. Peck, the firm has collectively managed over $90 billion in construction projects, with recent annual revenues topping $45 million.

What Makes {company-name} Great

In an economic climate where most would rather sell than build, the construction industry has taken a serious hit. While MBP has shared the challenges of its industry, few employees at MBP would change the way the company has handled itself through them, thankful for every sacrifice, every value and every act of integrity that continues to set their company apart.

“We went through/are going through a rough time -- as is everyone in our industry,” remarks one employee, “Faced with having to lay good people off this past year (for the first time in the firm's history), you can imagine how low our morale levels were. But no one took it harder than our ownership team. They literally agonized over having to let people go. The two principals took multiple pay cuts and asked the rest of the senior managers to accept salary freezes, which they all did willingly. The owners have been very upfront with everyone about the state of the company and are working diligently to turn things around. When we can, we have brought people we laid off back to work. The ones we asked to come back did so willingly because it IS a great place to work.”

While you cannot always avoid tough times, how you handle them says a lot; even with recent setbacks, an incredible 93% of employees tell us that they believe management is honest and ethical. One team member remarks, “The owners work alongside staff and thereby understand the challenges facing all of us.” Managers at MBP are often described in ways that demonstrate their humanity: giving up their executive parking spaces to an employee who has trouble walking; sending flowers to employees' families during hardship; and providing extensive immigration assistance for foreign workers. “A tremendous focus on the person, not just the employee.” another team member tells us, “Management truly cares for the well being of team members.”

Even in the brightest economic times, not every company manages to show such care and integrity.

Their values are the backbone of the ethical behavior at MBP and, according to many employees, “Our strong values are not just given lip service, they are actually followed.” Since its founding, the organization has told everyone, "We Value Teamwork; We Act with Integrity; We Deliver Quality; We Are Forward Looking; We Are Hard Working; We Care About Our Community." One employee tells us, “The 6 core values overlay each major decision, marketing effort, evaluation and expansion to understand if it is the right move. This is practiced at the highest level and the exercise goes throughout the entire organization and to all branch offices.” The importance of caring about community is a particular source of pride for MBP employees; 92% of the workforce feels good about the ways MBP gives back, including they way they reward employees for ongoing volunteer work.

Even though the economy has required some cutbacks, there are certain things this company has refused to sacrifice, including: 100% health care coverage for employees and dependents; tuition reimbursement up to $4K; a “Woohoo Wellness Plan”; and their weekend-long annual business meeting, where employees and their spouses are flown out, all expenses paid, to meet at a resort for team building, educational workshops and social activities. Writes one new enthusiastic employee, “Each year the company has a retreat! It's over a weekend, at a very nice resort area that allows ALL the employees & a significant other to meet the other team members and get to know one another. I'm looking forward to my first one. My new team members have been telling me about the event and it sounds like a great time!”

MBP is a teamwork-focused environment and 93% report that people are consistently willing to give a little extra to get the job done. “Simply the fact that we are called team members and not employees - it's a positive message and makes us feel like we are all in this together,” says one.

Even in the brightest economic times, not every company manages to show such care and integrity. “Many companies in this industry are 'body shops,'" remarks one employee. “They simply hire, place their employees on a client site, and forget about them. This company is not like that. Management makes a concerted effort to engage its team members regardless of location or position.” If MBP can shine this bright and give this much during the hard times, imagine what it will be doing during the next economic upswing.

Potential Turnoffs

“I wouldn't change a thing; except the economy,” one employee writes. As mentioned above, the economy seems to be employees' primary concern. While the vast majority of employees trust that the company has a vision to get them through, just under a quarter of employees would like to see more communication or clearer goals to help them through the times.

While 95% tell us they are treated fairly regardless of their sex, if you are a woman, be prepared to be a minority here: men outnumber women 4:1, not atypically for the industry.

Last, but not least, there are many who travel great distances to work here, and commuting between project sites is part of the job.

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How to Get Hired at {company-name}

MBP’s six values can point you directly to what they are looking for. Not only that, 30% of new hires come from employee referrals, so it's a good sign that the company values culture as a key part of hiring decisions. “We look for personable people with a sense of humor but who know when to buckle down and work,” MBP tells us.

Since many team members are "independent operators," representing the company out on their own, people skills, integrity and character are key. Expect to be formally assessed for: your ability to form one-on-one relationships; your passion and enthusiasm for the work you will be doing; your ability to clearly communicate; your desire to do more than the status quo; your positive attitude; and your pursuit of professional growth.

Interviews are conducted by several MBP team members, providing exposure to a good cross-section of the organization.

For more information head directly to their careers website.

Hiring Outlook

Hiring Outlook

-14%Job Growth 14Average number of applicants per opening
10%Total voluntary turnover in past year 767Applicants in past year
53Openings in past year 30%New hires by employee referrals

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What Employees Say about {company-name}

Great Rated! collected feedback from {company-name} employees via an anonymous survey. Following are quotes that the data indicated represented common themes in employees’ feedback.

We try very hard to reinforce and live by the core values of Teamwork, Quality, Hard Working, Integrity, Forward Looking, and Caring for our Community. To a great extent, egos are very minimal and we are constantly reinforcing each other as true Team Members.
Despite the overall economic environment, MBP still conducts an off-site annual meeting which provides the employee the opportunity to review the year, the successes of all of the offices ,have an exchange and information workshop/forum environment and how it is all balanced through our corporate office. Spouses and/or significant others are offered to come to any of these "educational "opportunities and special social activities. The exchange that takes place amongst everyone is phenomenal and very rewarding.
MBP is a great firm and works hard to provide us with great opportunities. The real change that I would hope for is to have our economy improve which would allow MBP to further excel.
Outstanding benefits for life, health, vision, dental at no cost to the team member. Weekend-long annual business meeting with spouses and significant others. Opportunity to become a shareholder.
There is a true sense of caring here. I know that difficult decisions over the past year, such as layoffs, were extremely carefully thought out, and only occurred when absolutely necessary. The fact that we continue to pay 100% of health, dental, and vision benefits for not only Team Members but their families too shows that the caring extends to the Home Team.
Management has a good vision to be forward looking but it could be reinforced better at the lower levels to promote action toward goals.
Recently I was overwhelmed with the amount of projects I was handed, and my supervisor re-distributed one of the projects which really helped me out. Of course I will take on the project once my work load has calmed down but it was nice to know that everyone has a team mentality and everyone helps each other out.
MBP has a varied group of people from different countries, which gives me a chance to learn of their customs and way of life. Some of these people have overcome much diversity in order to get to where they are. I greatly admire each and every one of them. I am proud to be a part of a company that has given them a chance to thrive in these harsh economic times.
Offering a benefit such as flex time would make this already great place to work and even better place to work.
MBP offers two decent health insurance benefit options. With one, the company pays 100% of the employee 's premium. This is fairly good for families without chronic illnesses. With the other, the employee pays a portion of the premium, but has a little better coverage. By simply having a 100% company paid option, MBP is a cut above the rest.
The devotion to the company values--teamwork, quality, hard working, integrity, forward looking and Community. Throughout the organization, these values are discussed and emphasized. Branch, region and company awards are given based exceptional performance as it relates to these values. The adherence to these values allows the company to behave like a small, closely run company while offering the opportunity for team members to grow and expand as in a large company.
More flexibility with work schedules. Some team members face 2-3 hour commutes each day and it would make them very happy if they could work from home some portion of the week. I understand that many positions aren't conducive to such an arrangement however, so we just need to figure out a way to build in other means of being flexible.
When comparing this company to the competition, they far exceed with health benefits. Until MBP, I have had to contribute financially to the cost of my benefits. My work is seasonal. MBP has made every effort to keep me and coworkers employed during the off-season.
When the owners of the company visit the branch offices they make it a point to speak with everyone in the office. This leaves you with a feeling that they know the contribution that you are making to the success of the company and they appreciate it.



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