Employees couldn't be prouder to work for this renowned medical institution. Staff enjoy the chance to make a difference while working with friendly and caring colleagues.



This review is based on 1151 employee surveys, with a 95% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 2.85. It was published on Oct 14, 2014. 11312 Visitors

What You Should Know

Mayo Clinic has been providing patient-focused medical care for 150 years, a point of great pride for employees. The overwhelming majority are honored to serve the renowned organization and proud of what they accomplish professionally, but say they are able to enjoy a friendly and caring environment as well. Mayo is a nonprofit, so stock options and profit sharing are not part of the compensation package, but pension plans are available to any employee who works 20 hours or more a week. Given its field, Mayo employees enjoy a suite of wellness-centered benefits, including free vaccines, healthy meals, and benefits that vary by site, like the chance to see your doctor via video camera or visit an onsite express care clinic. More than eight out of 10 workers consider Mayo Clinic a great workplace and plan to stay a long time.

As one employee puts it, “I always feel the work that I do is worthwhile and is appreciated. Management always treats us with a lot of respect.”


Mayo Clinic provides patient care through its primary care practices, emergency care and tertiary patient care units. More than one million people from all 50 states and 150 countries come to Mayo Clinic for care. 

Website: mayoclinic.org US Headquarters: Rochester, MN
US Sites: 3 Major Locations: Rochester, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Jacksonville, FL
US Employees: 43609 US revenues: $9421 million
Worldwide revenues: $9421 million Founded: 1919
Industry: Health Care

Great Challenges

How much responsibility would I have? What kind of support is there for professional development?

Great Rated! conducted an anonymous survey of randomly selected employees to assess the quality of the workplace challenges the company provides. At Mayo Clinic, 74 percent of employees report the company often or almost always provides needed training, fair promotions and personally challenging work. Another 18 percent report the company sometimes provides these opportunities, for a combined positive rating from 92 percent of employees in the Great Challenges category.

Mayo Clinic employees care for patients, conduct medical research, teach and train future physicians, scientists and allied health professionals and manage the business operations. The company has approximately 43,600 employees in the United States, where they operate three main sites in three states. 

Most employees (86 percent) say they carry a lot of responsibility in the organization, and many (77 percent) also say that managers trust them to carry out these responsibilities without micromanaging them. For the majority of employees (81 percent), their work at Mayo Clinic is more than just a job: The chance to save lives and improve patient outcomes provides special meaning.

At Mayo Clinic, 77 percent of employees feel they receive the training and development they need to further their careers.

Supporting Employee Development

  • College Tuition Reimbursement: $5,250
  • Average annual training for part-time hourly employees: 20 hours
  • Average annual training for full-time salaried employees: 20 hours
  • Mayo Clinic employees may explore enhancing their skills through coaching and mentoring, leadership training and development and a new program called the Fresh Eyes Leadership Development Program, aimed at high-potential employees. 
The opportunity to learn on the job here is widespread. New systems and equipment are constantly being integrated into our system.

Great Atmosphere

What would my colleagues be like? How do people have fun? How formal a workplace is it?

At Mayo Clinic, 73 percent of employees say they often or almost always enjoy their colleagues and find their workplace to be fun and cooperative. Another 19 percent sometimes benefits from these qualities, for a combined positive rating from 92 percent of employees in the Great Atmosphere category.

Fun and Celebrations

  • During Heritage Days in October 2014, Mayo Clinic employees will celebrate the organization’s 150th anniversary with the premiere of a Mayo Clinic heritage film, an employee appreciation ice cream social and a 5K run and walk. 
  • Mayo Clinic celebrates successes and milestones with parties, special events and activities. Additionally, independent activities occur at the work area level, supported by hospitality funds. One group raised money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by participating collectively in a 202-mile run in old hospital gowns.

Caring and Support

  • The Mayo Spirit of Caring Fund helps Rochester-based employees going through trying times, providing up to $3,000 in short-term financial assistance that does not have to be repaid.
  • Dependents of employees can apply for scholarships for post-high school education.
  • Mayo Clinic provides paid funeral leave of up to five days for a death in the family of an employee. 
People celebrate special events around here.
Our physicians make it a great place to work, and the family feeling is pretty high here. We work well as a team. It is never I or she. It is always we, so that is great.


Great Rewards

What kind of perks and benefits are part of the employment package? What is the work-life balance like? Does the company appreciate hard work?

At Mayo Clinic, 68 percent of employees often or almost always find the company compensates them fairly, provides special and unique benefits, supports their work-life balance and shows genuine appreciation for their contributions. Another 19 percent reports they sometimes receive these benefits as well, for a combined positive rating from 87 percent of employees in the Great Rewards category.

Mayo offers a good all-around package for employees (salary, benefits, work-life balance, culture, etc).You may find other employers that are superior in one of those areas, but it would be difficult to find another employer that offers as good of an all-around package.


20 hours Weekly hours at which part-timers receive health care coverage


  • 401(k) or 403b plan
  • Mayo Pension Plan
  • Pre-tax savings account


  • Subsidized lunch on a regular, daily basis
  • Personal concierge service
  • Massage therapy
  • Fitness classes
  • Take-home meals on a regular, daily basis
  • Onsite package/mailing service
  • Discount ticket sales
  • Banking


28 days Holidays & vacation days after one year of employment $10,000 Adoption benefit
60 days Job protected maternity leave provided above and beyond FMLA


  • Unpaid sabbaticals
  • Lactation rooms
  • Phased retirement planning
  • Elder care resources
I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.
People are encouraged to balance their work life and their personal life.
Good benefit package, promotion of activities outside of work, giving back to the community, contribution to the worldwide medical community. 


  • Dental care
  • Prescription drug subsidy
  • Alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy or chiropractic
  • Vision care
  • Mental health care
  • Fertility treatments


  • Breast cancer screening
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Fitness center
  • Medicare facility
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Flu shots
  • Subsidized offsite gym memberships

Great Pride

What inspires employees' company spirit here? Do people stand by their teams' work? What impact do people have outside the organization?

At Mayo Clinic, 83 percent of employees report that they often or almost always carry meaningful responsibilities within the organization and are proud of their accomplishments, community impact and the company's reputation in the world. Another 12 percent report that they sometimes experience this pride as well, for a combined positive rating from 95 percent of employees in the Great Pride category.

Mayo Clinic is committed to putting patients first, through its medical practices, research and education. Mayo Clinic has 10 major cancer research programs and more than 700 active clinical trials. In 2014, the clinic celebrates its 150th anniversary. 

I'm proud to tell others I work here.
We are celebrating our 150th anniversary this year. That's a big deal and something definitely worth celebrating. There are not too many organizations that can continually change and thrive when doing so.

Supporting the Community

  • Philanthropic donations in the last year: $1,353,000,000
  • Mayo Clinic provides financial support and medical professionals' expertise to primary and behavioral health clinics that serve homeless and underserved people in the communities Mayo Clinic serves.
I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.
The employees take a lot of pride in our workplace and in being a part of our community.

Great Communication

How easy is it to talk with managers and get the information I need? Will managers listen to my input?

At Mayo Clinic, 67 percent of employees say they often or almost always experience a free and transparent exchange of ideas and information within the organization. Another 20 percent sometimes has this experience as well, for a combined positive rating from 87 percent of employees in the Great Communication category.

Despite the size of the organization, most Mayo Clinic employees have access to the information they need. More than 7 out of 10 employees find that managers keep them informed about important issues and changes, make their expectations clear and are approachable and easy to talk with. 
At Mayo, everyone has a voice. It's a great environment to speak up and contribute your ideas, knowing people will listen and you won't get knocked down. 

Great Bosses

What are managers' leadership strengths?

At Mayo Clinic, 66 percent of employees say their managers often or almost always act with integrity and care, are competent in their positions and provide clear directions and vision for the organization. Another 21 percent say their managers sometimes display these characteristics, for a combined positive rating from 87 percent of employees in the Great Bosses category.

Mayo Clinic employees widely appreciate the commitment to patients and the caring approach their leaders encourage at the company. Staffers describe their managers as effective and say they demonstrate integrity. More than seven out of 10 employees surveyed say managers are competent at running the business, would lay people off only as a last resort and are honest and ethical in their business practices. 

I always feel the work that I do is worthwhile and is appreciated. Management always treats us with a lot of respect.

Great Perks and Programs

  • Wellness Programs: Employees volunteer as wellness champions to promote wellness among their colleagues. Wellness programs include exercise facilities, discounted memberships to area health clubs, group classes and lunch and learn classes. 
  • Medical Care: Employees can get convenient medical care through a telemedicine program (where they communicate with physicians via video camera). Mayo Clinic’s Rochester location also offers an employee-only Mayo Express Care Clinic, which eliminates the need for driving to the doctor. Onsite flu clinics also allow busy employees to get their flu shots without making an appointment. 
  • Retirement Savings Programs: Employees may receive a traditional defined benefit pension entirely funded by Mayo Clinic and voluntary plans such as 403B and 401K. Mayo Clinic’s Fund Your Future program offers tools such as group and online classes and online calculators to help employees understand their retirement offerings. Mayo Clinic is adding an employer match to its voluntary 403B and 401K retirement savings plans beginning in 2015.
  • Transportation Assistance: Employees can take advantage of free and subsidized parking and transportation options such as subsidized bus passes, bicycle racks, support for carpools and jumpstarts, if needed, in the employee parking lots. 
  • Parental Support: Employees who are nursing have access to lactation rooms. For employees who adopt, Mayo Clinic provides adoption assistance of up to $10,000 per child. Parents also can find child care, back-up child care and dependent adult and elder care services through contracted agencies.

Employee Quotes

Great Rated! collected feedback from Mayo Clinic employees via an anonymous survey. Following are common reasons employees said they appreciate their workplace.

"Mayo Clinic has a culture of making sure the patients are always placed first and hiring for that mission."

"This company has great benefits and so many resources. The other thing that is great about this company is because of its size, even though it's mainly health care focused, there are jobs in almost every field that can be had at Mayo. Engineers, legal, custodial, everything!"

"Mayo puts a big smile on its people's faces with the amount of respect it has for its employees. The Mayo Clinic campus is very big, often confusing patients going through skyways, subway and multiple buildings to get to their appointment. The staff and volunteers are always there with a smile to direct them the right direction and help them the best they can. There is televised and all-staff meetings to keep the employees directly informed of Mayo operations, not just the usual newsletters or emails. Mayo is not only a great company, with the usual benefits and caring workers, but takes great strives [strides] toward higher education and the quality of education it provides. They are willing to put forth scholarships and education opportunities for prospective and current employees. Not only are they a very qualified educational facility, they help put forth open meetings and presentations regularly for research that our doctors have done."

"Mayo Clinic remains professional in a world of casual. You will always see suits, shirts and ties and dresses. I think that dress code is something that Mayo can be proud of. There is also a term we use around here, and it is the Mayo way. It refers to the way we dress, the way we act, the respect that we have for others and the all around feel that you get from working here. It isn't something that you are trained on, and it's not pushed down your throat, it just happens to be a way of life you take on when you work here. It's unexplainable."

"Mayo Clinic has a great reputation. People know they will get great care when they come to Mayo. It has many resources and people from all walks of life to make it a great hospital and stand out above others. Employees are treated very well, with great pay and benefits, and recognition for doing a job well done, something that is not common and sometimes unheard of in other organizations."

"This company still exhibits and follows its mission to the core, which in this day and age is considered unique and unusual, which it shouldn't be. Mayo Clinic is the perfect example of a non-profit organization that does anything it can to take care of people, both patients and employees."

"What makes it feel special to work here is Mayo's commitment to health care innovation and discovery. I love how Mayo is a world leader in health care and research. I've had multiple patients tell me how thankful that they are to be able to come to a place like this with the quality of staff and commitment to patients that Mayo has. I love hearing how Mayo has diagnosed someone that no other facility has been able to figure out. I'm thankful to be here and feel like most nurses get nowhere near the support we get in doing our work."

"I have worked for other organizations, and none come close to the culture here. You cannot create something this big overnight. It has developed from years of putting people -- patients, families and employees -- first."

"Mayo Clinic is a big supporter of continuing education and bettering yourself personally and professionally. They have wonderful benefits for attending school. They truly care deeply for their patients and employees, and it shows."

"Mayo Clinic is a very special place, and I am very honored to work here."

"This company allows for people to grow within the facility. You can start at the bottom and work your way up. They encourage professionalism. They encourage personal growth. Management shares all opportunities available to help with financial resources to accomplish personal growth through conferences, classes and certifications. It is very much a team effort to get the job done efficiently and always with the patients' best interest in mind."

"Daily stand-ups huddles allow employees to be recognized for accomplishments, near real time and also provide coordination and information sharing. People are proud to work at Mayo Clinic and really pull together every day to meet the unique patient care needs. When you ask for help, you get it. The teamwork is great."

How to Get Hired

We asked Mayo Clinic for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

Mayo Clinic’s hiring philosophy is firmly rooted in the core values of the clinic. With this focus, it is critical that prospective employees have demonstrated qualities including: respect, compassion, integrity, healing, teamwork, excellence, innovation and stewardship. Mayo rigorously screens candidates for these qualities throughout the hiring process as evidenced by low annual turnover rates and offer acceptance rates commonly above 95 percent.

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

It is important that prospective employees first and foremost look inward in determining whether their personal qualities and career aspirations align with Mayo Clinic’s core values. Next, candidates must be able to demonstrate—both in their online resume and application, and in an interview, if selected—how their past experiences demonstrate their commitment to those values. This requires candidates to share stories of not just what they have accomplished but the thought processes, successes and challenges, and interpersonal relationships associated with those accomplishments.

Are there any unusual or especially rigorous steps of your hiring process that candidates should be aware of?

While the initial screening of candidates may begin with the resume, online application profile and even a web-based interview, the formal in-person interview process gives both Mayo Clinic and the prospective employee valuable insights about each other. The interviews consist of at least one panel and possibly more depending on the position. Each panel may consist of the hiring manager, future team members, Human Resources and, potentially, other internal customers who interact with the position. Behavior-based interview questions are used, giving the candidate the opportunity to share past experiences. The interview panel members then consider how those experiences and responses fit our culture and suggest future performance. Additionally, physician and scientist candidates may be asked to give a presentation to a search committee and department leader, sometimes as part of the interview and other times preceding the person’s candidacy for an open position.

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

Mayo Clinic has broad and diverse career opportunities for prospective employees. Careers range from physicians and scientists, to allied health patient care positions (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, technologists), to laboratory and research positions, to administrative leadership and support positions.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

Candidates are encouraged to begin researching careers and applying for open positions at www.mayoclinic.org/jobs. During that process, candidates may also join the Mayo Clinic Talent Community, which will allow them to be among the first to learn of new job postings relevant to their career interests, in addition to other career-related information and updates shared via email. Another great way to stay informed and engage in career conversations is by joining the conversations in Mayo Clinic’s social media presence. Just search “Jobs at Mayo Clinic” on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Hiring Outlook

-2%Job Growth 5%Total voluntary turnover in past year
130005Applicants in past year 22%New hires by employee referrals

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