At JM Bullion, 87 percent of employees say their workplace is great.



This review is based on 45 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 3.54. It was published on Mar 30, 2017. 5246 Visitors

What Employees Say

People celebrate special events around here.
I'm proud to tell others I work here.
Management is competent at running the business.
This is a fun place to work.
You can count on people to cooperate.

What They Do

We asked JM Bullion to explain what they do. Here is what they had to say.

JM Bullion is an online retailer - selling physical precious metals on the internet, including gold, silver and platinum products. Customers find us online and either order directly from our website or call our 800 number to place an order. 

About this Company

Website: Industry: Retail
US Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, 75230 US Sites: 1
US Employees: 50 Corporate Structure: Private
Founded: 2011

JM Bullion has been awarded:

Best Workplaces in Retail 2016 (ranked 5)

The Bullionaires!

Perks and Programs

We asked JM Bullion to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say.

  • Weekly Happy Hour: JM Bullion hosts happy hour every Thursday and provides wine, beer, soda, and snacks. We encourage our team to spend time together to get to know each other.
  • Company Outings: JM Bullion hosts company outings every 6-8 weeks. This allows employees to have fun and to socialize with each other outside of the work environment. Some of the things we have done include bowling, golfing, painting, and an obstacle course. Spouses and friends are occasionally included.
  • Breakfast & Lunch: Lunch is catered every Wednesday. We also provide bagels and cream cheese every Monday morning. Whenever we get extremely busy we order lunch for everyone.
  • Floating Holiday: To make up for the fact that Black Friday is a big retail day each year where we must work, we offer our employees a floating holiday to use at their discretion.
  • Promote From Within: We always try to promote from within whenever possible. New jobs are announced internally before they are made public.
  • Rangers Tickets: JM Bullion buys season tickets to the Texas Rangers and we make them available to employees.
  • League Play: We started playing Indoor Kickball as a team last December with an Indoor Kickball League. We played every Thursday for 8 weeks and came in 2nd. We are looking forward to choosing another league to be a part of this year, because this helped in building camaraderie and encouraged teamwork. JM Bullion pays all fees associated with the League.
  • Hour of Dedication: Employees have the opportunity to schedule an hour of their shift each week (this is paid time) to build and develop their skills or to read a book of their personal choice. We even have a growing internal library in our front lobby.
  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations: Every month the Vice President hosts a company-wide meeting where he gives individual shout outs to all birthday celebrants and we provide a birthday cake. Additionally, an email announcement is sent and Starbucks gifts cards are hand-delivered to each person on their birthday.
  • Standing Desks: Each month, one lucky employee receives a Varidesk delivered directly to his/her desk. We even have an assigned helper to setup the desk for the employee.


50% Match of employee’s 401(k)/403b contribution up to 6% of salary72% Company-paid health coverage for employees (for Full-time Employees)
JMB - Painting with a Twist


13 days Paid time off after one year of full-time employment Set days Paid sick days after one year of full-time employment


  • Telecommute option (8% use it)
  • Compressed work weeks (6% use it)
  • Subsided On- or Off-site Fitness (100% have access)
  • Onsite Amenities (Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, juice, snacks, and games.)


60 days Job-protected maternity leave (including FMLA/STD) 60 days Job-protected paternity leave (including FMLA)
60 days Job-protected parental leave for adoptive parents (including FMLA)*


  • Written policy prohibits discrimination based on (at a minimum) age, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation

Leadership Diversity


Workforce Diversity



JMB - Group Dynamix

How to Get Hired

We asked JM Bullion for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

A prospective employee should possess a friendly personality, the ability to communicate well, and be able to work well as part of a team. Candidates should be able to demonstrate the ability to provide excellent customer service, be confident in themselves, and be able to handle difficult customers/situations.

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

We conduct a written pre-screen on the majority of our candidates; they will get our attention by being creative with their responses. You will also get further in our interview process if you respond using correct grammar and writing in complete sentences. Researching our company and showing a genuine interest in working with us is also going to be attention getting.   

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

We are focused on expanding our Customer Support Department and will be looking for Customer Support Representatives, Team Leads, and Supervisors. 

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

Candidates can use a number of avenues to find out more about JM Bullion. First and foremost they can visit the careers page of our webiste: They can also visit our Glassdoor page to find out more about working at JM Bullion.

hiring Outlook

5 Forecasted positions to fill in coming year 127% Job Growth
29% New hires by employee referrals 19% Openings filled by current employees
14% Voluntary turnover for full-time employees
* All figures refer to 12-month period prior to reporting, unless otherwise noted.

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