At Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG), 86 percent of employees say their workplace is great.



This review is based on 1698 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 0.89. It was published on Sep 7, 2018. 21026 Visitors

What Employees Say

Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.
People here are given a lot of responsibility.
I'm proud to tell others I work here.
I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.
Management is competent at running the business.

What They Do

We asked Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG) to explain what they do. Here is what they had to say.

We rank among the nation’s top 20 public accounting firms. Offering comprehensive assurance, tax and advisory services, we take pride in our industry focus and service to clients in all 50 states as well as internationally.

About this Company

Website: Industry: Professional Services
US Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina, 28209 US Sites: 36
Major Locations: Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina; High Point, North Carolina; Memphis, Tennessee; New York, New York; Asheville, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Tysons, Virginia US Employees: 2,118
US Revenues: $0 million Worldwide Revenues: $430 million
Employees Worldwide: 1,992 Corporate Structure: Partnership
Founded: 1959


Perks and Programs

We asked Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG) to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say.

  • DHG Energy for Life: At DHG, we believe in investing in the whole person, not just the work side of our employees.  Designed to create high-performing teams and individuals, DHG’s Energy for Life program emphasizes the connection between personal purpose and daily behaviors. By aligning one’s energy with deepest values and beliefs, our team members strengthen energy across all four dimensions: body, heart, mind and spirit. This multidisciplinary approach helps our professionals to be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and completely aligned with their most important mission in life.
  • RAVE: RAVE (Recognition Award for Valued Employees) is DHG’s unique and fun social and points recognition platform. It enables our employees to send and receive recognitions which are linked to our DHG VALUES, STRATEGY elements or ONE DHG, representing inclusive teamwork to support our MISSION. Employees can earn points in RAVE upon receipt of a recognition and can cash in those points via a purchase from an online catalog of items, contribution to a favorite charity, or use of a concierge service for a customized reward.
  • DHG Inclusion & Diversity and Women Forward: Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) and Women Forward focuses on recruiting, developing, retaining and advancing talented underrepresented groups and women at DHG as well as supporting diverse talent in our communities and beyond. By addressing the major barriers that these groups face in our profession and directly supporting the five key elements of our DHG STRATEGY, I&D and Women Forward focus on skill-building opportunities, sponsorship, advocacy and cultural integration. Ultimately, I&D and Women Forward help ensure all of our team members have the tools and resources necessary to be successful.
  • DHG StepONE: It is vital to our new employees’ success that we make them feel welcome and part of the DHG family. We believe that walking side-by-side with a new employee through their first year enhances their experience within the DHG culture and ultimately leads to increased engagement, trust and loyalty. StepONE is a multi-phased onboarding process, starting from the moment someone accepts an offer with us through the first-year anniversary. StepONE provides new employees a step-by-step guide and clearly defined tasks as well as provides a StepONE team who walks them through the onboarding process. The StepONE team is made up of the new employee's Career Coach, StepONE Guide and HR Administrator.
  • i2i - Ideas 2 Innovate: i2i is DHG's innovation incubator. Annually, i2i conducts an Innovation Development Program. The Innovation Development Program is a highly structured six-step program. Employee participants begin with the identification of a problem and then proceed to develop an innovative solution to that problem. The program culminates with the development of a plan to prototype, test and implement a proposed solution, and the innovation team of employees present that plan to a panel of firm leaders. Participating in i2i is a unique opportunity to develop new skills in creative problem solving, innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation teams create close working relationships with DHG's leaders.
  • Compensation Transparency: The compensation program at DHG is aligned with our pursuit of building a high trust and high performance culture. All of our team members have access to salary information and understand the internal factors impacting salary increases including current and potential performance, current salary, and DHG's ranges along with external factors such as market competitiveness, affordability, and broader economic business trends.  Employees are able to access salary ranges by level, geography, and service line.
  • DHG University: At DHG, our people are the foundation of the firm and the cornerstone of DHG University. DHG University is built upon the principles of our Mission statement to build valuable careers with our people and to help our clients achieve their goals. Our complete learning strategy is designed to quickly respond to industry trends and provide life-long learning on the journey from internship to partnership. Through our CEO’s vision of developing the “whole professional”, DHG University offers a diverse course library covering leadership, technical skills, technology and industry topics. These subjects are offered through leadership colleges, conferences, and robust curriculum planning tools which also highlight key competencies by job level within the organization.
  • Life Beyond Numbers: We set out to explore why people join DHG and why they stay. We fully expected to hear mention of long hours and little time for life (the nature of public accounting). What we heard was our culture is completely different. Our people come first. Building valuable careers with our people is our MISSION and number one priority. Thus was the basis for our people strategy: Life Beyond Numbers - People, Careers, Flexibility. Our unique culture and focus on career growth and health and well-being is a rare find for any employee.  At DHG, we are committed to supporting “career/life integration."
  • PEP (Performance Enrichment Program): DHG's new Performance Enrichment Program (PEP) is progressive and is a direct result of feedback from our people. PEP was designed to better meet the needs of our current and future team members and leaders. The process focuses on immediate, continuous and meaningful dialogue and decreases complexity by allowing performance processes to be managed through one tool. It also benefits our matrix environment by enabling cross regional, industry, and service line real-time feedback. It is employee driven and is designed to support our career coaches and leaders who will be required to be strong coaches for our people. One of the key aspects that our team members appreciate is the emphasis on meaningful, future-focused career conversations rather than compliance or simply check the box processes.
  • DHG IMPACT: DHG IMPACT is how we brand corporate citizenship, explaining how we care for our people and the world around us. Our passion to serve goes well beyond the work we do for our clients. At DHG, we are passionate about supporting the well-being of our people, our broader community and our profession in ways that align with our MISSION, VALUES and STRATEGY. IMPACT focuses on five key areas: Health, Community, Financial, Sustainability, and Team (Inclusion). The firm supports local office IMPACT committees, which provide learning opportunities, activities and events through a fun and engaging approach.


$58,740 Average salary and additional cash compensation for Administrative Staff $109,186 Average salary and additional cash compensation for Manager
83% Company-paid health coverage for employees 78% Company-paid health coverage for dependents
83% Company-paid health coverage for part-timers 20 hours Weekly hours required for part-timers to receive health insurance
$7,000 Average Tuition Reimbursement


29 days Paid time off after one year of full-time employment 29 days Paid time off after one year of part-time employment
29 Days Paid time off as of first day of full-time employment 29 days Paid time off as of first day of part-time employment


  • Flexible schedule (50% use it)
  • Telecommute option (50% use it)
  • Compressed work weeks (20% use it)
  • Onsite Amenities (A variety of onsite amenities including snacks, beverages and more)


50 days Fully-paid maternity leave (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)*50 days Average length of maternity leave new mothers take
10 days Fully-paid paternity leave (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)*10 days Average length of paternity leave new fathers take
$5,000 Adoption benefit60 days Job-protected parental leave for adoptive parents (including FMLA)*
50 days Fully-paid parental leave for adoptive parents (does not include personal vacation or paid time off)
*Employees are not required to use all their personal paid time off before taking parental leave. All employees are eligible for parental leave benefits.


  • On-site or near-site backup childcare center
  • Childcare reimbursement during business travel
  • Lactation room(s)
  • Paid sick leave to care for a child or relative


  • Mental health care
  • Alternative treatments (such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic)

Community and Environmental Impact

$2,393,547 Philanthropic donations in last year $315,889 Total company-matched employee donations in last year
Partner and President of the DHG Foundation Leads environmental impact team Yes Sustainable commuting program
Yes Renewable energy program Yes Carbon offset program
Yes Recycling program Yes Locally-sourced food program


  • Effin Logue, Chief People Officer oversees diversity and inclusion practices
  • Written policy prohibits discrimination based on (at a minimum) age, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation
  • Formal programs (such as resource groups, mentorship, networking, or other affinity groups) support professional development for: Under-represented racial/ethnic minority groups; Women; Speakers of English as a second language
  • 9 events a year connect employees with peers from different racial/ethnic, religious or country-of-origin identities
  • Non-birth parents in same-sex relationships can take parental leave

Leadership Diversity


Workforce Diversity




How to Get Hired

We asked Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG) for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

At DHG, we look for well-rounded individuals who align with our Core Values of Trust, Relationships, Passion and Innovation. Our values guide DHG in everything we say and do. Therefore, it’s essential that candidates demonstrate high integrity as well as the ability to nurture relationships with teammates, clients and the communities in which we serve. Our ideal candidates are resourceful and show a passion to grow in their careers and more importantly, to help others grow. Of course, it’s also important that candidates have strong technical skills, effective communication skills and a natural curiosity to learn. Our ideal candidates will also demonstrate an affinity to live their Life Beyond Numbers and desire to live an integrated approach to their Careers, People in their lives, and Flexibility both personally and for DHG.  

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

We encourage candidates to network with DHG professionals and to connect with DHG employees who are alumni of your alma mater, on LinkedIn, serving at fellow community events, or on your campus for an event. If you are currently still in school, we highly encourage you to apply for our annual DHG Leadership Conference or an internship. You can contact your university's Career Services or reach out to one of our Campus Recruiters who are highlighted on our website at  If you are an experienced candidate, we recommend that you apply to the opening through our firm's website with a resume that highlights your accomplishments and technical skills.  

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

We are growing in all areas of the firm and have a variety of career opportunities available. We are looking for talented audit, tax and advisory professionals ranging from those just entering the workforce, to those looking to take their career to the next level. In addition, part of our strategic growth plan also includes expansion of our national industry practices and includes opportunities for those in audit, tax, or advisory to focus on specific industry expertise in areas such as dealerships, healthcare, insurance and financial services.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

We have a number of ways for interested candidates to learn more about DHG. Begin by visiting our careers website Here you can learn about current openings and about what Life at DHG looks like from the inside. We also encourage you to stay connected though our Life at DHG social media accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, research our firm on crowd-sourced websites like Vault and Glassdoor that provide external real-time feedback of experiences that employees and others have had with DHG. Our careers site also features the ability for interested candidates to join a “Talent Pool” to receive automated updates as positions become available that are of interest to you. We encourage campus candidates to attend DHG events and apply for an internship or our annual Leadership Conference. For experienced professionals, we have a web based application process that can be used to submit your application.  We also encourage you to view some of our podcasts and blog posts for a first hand glimpse into our culture on our careers site at under "College Students" or "Experienced Professionals."   

hiring Outlook

522 Forecasted positions to fill in coming year 6% Job Growth
17 Average applicants per opening 20,698 Total job applicants
45% New hires by employee referrals 7% Openings filled by current employees
150 Recent graduates hired 15% Voluntary turnover for full-time employees
8% Voluntary turnover for part-time employees
* All figures refer to 12-month period prior to reporting, unless otherwise noted.

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