Employees at Decision Lens are inspired by the fact the software they develop has such unique and interesting applications. They are also fans of their supportive and friendly workplace culture.



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What They Do

Provide software that helps clients in government, business and sports make critical business decisions.


Decision Lens has been awarded:

Best Small Workplaces 2013 (ranked 20)

What Makes {company-name} Great

To inspire its employees, the executive team at Decision Lens looked to the sea.

In 2012, the company took all of its employees on an exclusive tour of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, a massive U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Employees spent the day learning about life and work among the “best of the best” on the carrier, and held a foot race across the deck.

It’s the kind of experience that defines what it’s like to work at the small but fast-growing software company, a workplace with clear goals and effective — and fun — ways to meet them.

“There is a clear mission and purpose for our organization,” one employee says, “but this is also a very fun place to work. We work hard, but we intersperse our time with fun activities that build our team and motivate us.

Inside Story

In addition to the aircraft carrier tour, Decision Lens has taken employees to the Hubble Space Telescope Operations Center at NASA Goddard, enrolled them in the Audi Driving Experience class at Summit Point Raceway, and visited an athletic shoe store where the chief executive treated everyone to a pair of sneakers. The Arlington, Virginia-based company sponsors two or three such experiences each year. Experiences are meant to give employees a chance to try something new outside of their comfort zone with the people they work with every day. The result: stronger teams and a workplace that 95 percent of employees say is fun and friendly.

“I love the unique company events and really enjoy working with my colleagues,” one employee says.

They may have fun, but on the job, employees at Decision Lens engage in some serious brainwork. The firm makes software that organizations use to make critical decisions. The Joint Chiefs of Staff use it to decide how to allocate their annual budget, sports teams use it to decide which pro athletes to draft, and Kraft uses it to decide what new gum or candy to sell. Employees say they enjoy the work, and 95 percent feel a sense of pride in what they do and believe that their work is more than just a job. “We get to be involved with clients in their most critical decisions, and we work in many different types of businesses,” one employee says. “I love working here.”

Employees also give management high marks for making expectations clear, trusting people to work independently, and matching managers’ actions with their words. One hundred percent of employees also believe management is competent, hires people who fit well at the company, and is honest and ethical in its business practices. “Our top leadership is direct, honest and open about communicating to and with employees,” one employee says.

Employees are recognized for a job well done, sometimes in unusual ways. The top-performing sales rep of the year gets superhero treatment with a look-alike action figure. Developers are rewarded for completing a project with three days to tinker in the DL Lab on “a new mobile app, program a robotic arm to deal cards or whatever they can think up,” one employee says. In all, 95 percent of employees say everyone has the opportunity to get special recognition.

Employees also get annual and spot bonuses, $250 for ideas that improve how the company runs, and extra paid time off if they work long hours on a big project. Other perks include healthy snacks delivered weekly, and a wellness program that sponsors company athletic teams and covers individuals’ entry fees for races and other events.

Some employees wish there were more opportunities for professional development. And although Decision Lens donated $100,000 through the Creative Decisions Foundation in 2012, and donates its software to nonprofit organizations, others suggest that more community involvement would be appreciated as well.

The company is growing and changing. This summer, Decision Lens launched a D.R.I.V.E. Initiative to encourage employees to come up with innovative ways to help the company grow. The company also has plans in the works to add standing desks, to expand wellness screenings, to add more artwork in the offices, and to use Google or video chats in lieu of conference calls to make it easier for employees to communicate.

“I worked for 15 years in other organizations,” said one employee, “and Decision Lens is far and away the most healthy, nurturing, productive environment I've ever been in! I tell my husband every day, 'I love my job!'


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Great Perks

  • Race Fees and Sports Teams: Employees who enter athletic races and events get their entry fees paid for. The company also sponsors employee sports teams throughout the year. Both activities are part of a health and wellness program that the company commits 1 percent of its profits to funding.
  • Bonuses and Recognitions: Everyone who hits their personal and company goals for the year receives a 15 percent bonus. The company also pays spot bonuses for standout work and three, $250 bonuses a quarter to exceptional performers. Employees can earn a $250 bonus for coming up with ideas that help improve the company’s performance. If you are the company’s top salesperson for the year, you’ll get a custom-made action figure of yourself.
  • Experiences: To inspire employees, Decision Lens sponsors two or three experience-based activities each year. Examples include the Audi Driving Experience at Summit Point Raceway and an exclusive tour of the Hubble Space Telescope Operations Center at NASA Goddard.
  • Referral Bonus: Employees can earn referral bonuses of up to $2,500 for recommending a job prospect who the company subsequently hires.
  • Milestones: In the office, employee mark milestones with gifts of balloons, flowers and even six-packs of beer.
  • Health Insurance: The company pays for 70 percent of full-time employees’ insurance premiums, and covers $5,000 worth of deductibles for families and $2,500 for individuals.

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How to Get Hired at {company-name}

If you want to work here, be prepared for a rigorous, multi-stage process that starts with the company using its own decision-making software to prioritize your skills and traits. Next, you’ll go through one-on-one interviews, conduct a presentation of a project that you’ve previously worked on, and do a final presentation in front of 10 to 12 Decision Lens employees.

To work at this high-growth tech company, you’ll need the necessary education and work experience. But you’ll also need to show your creative side, and that you can bring a unique background to the firm.

It also helps to know someone who already works there, as 60 percent of new hires come from employee referrals.

For more information, visit the company’s career page.

Hiring Outlook

Hiring Outlook

19%Job Growth 7Average number of applicants per opening
6%Total voluntary turnover in past year 117Applicants in past year
10Openings in past year 90%New hires by employee referrals

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What Employees Say about {company-name}

Great Rated! collected feedback from {company-name} employees via an anonymous survey.  Following are quotes that the data indicated represented common themes in employees’ feedback.

I feel good coming here each day and I feel appreciated just the way I am.
People give freely of their limited free time during the day to meet and discuss how we can create a culture of innovation or better identify new markets and maximize customer engagement.
This company is run the way I would run my own company. Employees are respected, the leadership team drinks from the same coffee machine, enjoys the same occasional trip to the bar, and we all go the same baseball games.
We need to do more community service.
Everybody that works here, regardless of role, is given opportunity and responsibility that has a direct impact on the success of the business.
We are united in a great purpose and a very positive culture permeates the company.
(I would like to see) more training and development and networking opportunities for employees so we continue to improve and develop skills.
We truly try to drive our business based on what will make our customers successful, and we empower our people to bring the requests they receive right to the top of the business.
The measuring stick that I like to use is the occasional interaction with a colleague's friend or spouse. More often than not, that friend/spouse indicates that my colleague is *always* talking about how much they love their job.
This company is unique in that the employees are directly involved and invested in how it grows, expands and in whatever decisions around structure are implemented.



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