Custom Dental puts a smile on their employees’ faces with company-paid professional and personal development, free dental care to those in need in their communities, and holiday spending cash in people’s pockets.



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What They Do

Provide basic and cosmetic dental services through 10 dental practices serving mostly rural communities throughout Oklahoma and Missouri.


What Makes {company-name} Great

Dentist and fun? Not two words commonly associated with one another. Yet nearly nine out of 10 employees say Custom Dental is a fun place to work where birthdays and anniversaries are publicized via Facebook, email blasts go out for everyday accomplishments, and luncheons, golf, and concerts keep the good times rolling. Every Christmas, all employees receive a paid day off to gather at a local spa and receive a free treatment before sharing a meal at a restaurant and getting cash to spend at a neighboring shopping mall.

It isn’t just fun and games – these are professionals who care about the quality of their work, and the company goes out of their way to support them. Custom Dental provides ongoing personal and professional development that includes everything from financial incentives to take online classes, company-wide summer conferences, and personal financial training.

These talented folks also make sure to give back – pro bono work in their local communities is a key part of what makes this group smile.

Inside Story

Happy patients can win free Custom Dental follow up visits, and management thinks it’s just as important for staff to have the same “I want to come back” experience. Eight out of 10 Custom Dental employees actually look forward to coming to work each day, where most say a friendly, caring, fun workplace awaits them. One team member writes, “I absolutely love working for this company. I feel so close to the people I work with and if I ever needed anything outside of work my fellow workers would be there for me. It’s nice to wake up and be happy to go to work at a warm, welcoming workplace.”

One of the ways Custom Dental shows up for its employees is by supporting people’s personal lives. Eight-eight percent of employees say that Custom Dental actually encourages them to create a healthy work and personal life balance. Eligible team members are able to set their own hours; the company offers a range of starting and ending times for each workday, as well as compressed workweeks with four 10-hour shifts and Fridays off, and telecommuting opportunities for eligible administrative staff.

While the company tries to be flexible about working hours, everyone is expected to embrace lots of professional development. They do – especially since managers walk their talk by joining them. Doctors, who are the senior managers in each office, participate in a leadership training conference every month to develop and improve their own leadership and communication skills. Employees confirm that not only is training and development a big part of their jobs, but when they are on the job, they have the resources and tools they need to be successful.

Custom Dental also provides ongoing professional development that includes both in-house and outside seminars and courses. All employees attend an annual two-day summer conference at which guest speakers address personal growth issues and break-out sessions address task-related duties. In addition to the professional support the conference provides, employees appreciate that chance to connect with their counterparts at other locations and the. “They continually give me opportunities to grow professionally and personally,” one employee confirms. “We get monthly leadership training, monthly personal development training and annual conferences. We attend company-paid motivational and technical courses. We have a ‘Learn to Earn’ program where we can read personal growth books, take a competency test and earn $50 for completion.”

The ongoing management training seems to be working, since nine out of 10 report that their managers are competent running the business. “Management at my office is so easy to work with,” one employee remarks, “If you have a problem or concern, they are very quick to address it as well as deal with whatever it is that is going on. They are very professional and courteous. I am personally grateful for such a great work environment - it's an amazing change of pace.”

Those interested in Custom Dental may need to be flexible about salary. Final compensation with bonuses will varying depending upon which of the eleven Custom Dental offices across Oklahoma and Missouri you work in. Unlike some companies where bonuses are based on performance, Custom Dental pays employees based on the profitability of their respective office. As patient volumes wax and wane, this has both its upside and downside. “I would rather just have a higher hourly and no bonus,” one employee admits. Still, this opinion is in the minority, as most employees feel that not only are they paid fairly for their work, but that the creative compensation structure allows them to receive a fair share of the organization’s overall profits: “The bonus structure is wonderful.”

Some experiences are nearly unanimous though: employees at Custom Dental are incredibly proud of and committed to their work. Each clinic hosts a "Free Dental Day" to serve those in the community who are in need or have no dental insurance. Giving back feels good: 9 out of 10 feel that they make a difference and say that their work is more than just a job, it has special meaning. The value for community involvements is present throughout Custom Dental’s layers: company founder, Dr. Kelly Brown, personally provides scholarship funds to employees' children who are going to attend Dental or Dental Hygiene School.

The majority of employees say they feel well cared for by Custom Dental and that they and their colleagues want to do their best to make Custom Dental successful. “Everyone is like a family in our company. I take great pride in working here and I'm proud to say I have a career with them, not just a job!”

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Great Perks

  • Team Meetings: These always begin with a 20-minute video focused on leadership and teamwork. After viewing the video, everyone has an open discussion about how the content relates to them either personally or professionally.
  • “Training Hub”: The company provides numerous workshops and seminars to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge throughout the year.
  • “Learn to Earn” Program: Employees can read pre-approved books, go online and take a quiz to show their comprehension and receive a certificate of completion along with a $50 bonus for each book completed.
  • Internship Program: Custom Dentals recruits from schools, colleges, and career techs. Interns get basic skills along with a mentor to develop professional growth.
  • Job Rotation/Cross-Training: Employees enjoy job rotation and cross-training to optimize each individual’s skill set along their career path, enhance their knowledge, and gain new responsibilities before making a lateral move or promotion.
  • Financial Peace University: The company provides employees and their families with videos by financial educator Dave Ramsey that deliver a 13-week workshop which helps them apply healthy financial principles to daily life.
  • Community Walks: Team members and their family and friends are invited to participate in community walks supporting causes like Relay for Life, Red Bud Classic, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, See Spot Run, Creek Classic and Remember the Ten.
  • Annual Christmas Party: Every Christmas is a celebration. It usually starts with everyone gathering at a local spa to receive a free spa service. Then employees head to a restaurant for a company-paid meal together. Each employee is given $100-200 cash to spend at a neighboring shopping mall and sometimes, depending on the current listings and if enough people want to do it, Custom Dental treats everyone to a movie that afternoon.
  • Free Dental Day: Custom Dental provides each community a day to perform fee basic services for needy individuals. Employees are paid to participate. A typical Free Dental Day gives away about $38,000 in services.
  • Summer Conference: Once a year, Custom Dental brings in guest speakers to address communication, goal setting, understanding others, team building and personal and character development. Time is also set aside to have fun together – employees have gone bowling or gambling together.

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How to Get Hired at {company-name}

Custom Dental says that they seek employees with a positive mental attitude and caring nature, who are motivated team players, dependable, willing to learn, and have strong values.

The firm recruits via newspaper ads, Craigslist, Facebook, employee referrals and job fairs. Applicants are interviewed by phone and in person. If successful up to that point, they receive a “paid working interview” to spend some time in the job, after which their performance and personality are assessed for fit by both management and potential team members.

To apply, visit their website.

Hiring Outlook

Hiring Outlook

42%Job Growth 9Average number of applicants per opening
24%Total voluntary turnover in past year 249Applicants in past year
28Openings in past year

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What Employees Say about {company-name}

Great Rated! collected feedback from {company-name} employees via an anonymous survey.  Following are quotes that the data indicated represented common themes in employees’ feedback.

This company is devoted to developing both my personal and professional skills. A positive attitude with the willingness to learn is highly valued. I am encouraged to grow my natural strengths and interests and share them with my team.
Everyone is like a family in our company. I take great pride in working here and I'm proud to say I have a career with them, not just a job!
This is something that is being worked on -- having a backup plan when new hires just aren't the right fit. Having adequate personnel to help during this time, so that one or a few are not overwhelmed during the process. It is stressful at all levels.
Custom Dental is a unique place to work because they care about you as a person. We are always having self improvement opportunity. Ways to be a better person, better parent, better worker.
I absolutely love my job. I have worked in several different dental offices and can honestly say I enjoy going to work.
There is not always a clear line of communication due to the growing of our corporation.
I feel that personal growth is highly encouraged...from our daily inspirational message to our monthly meetings. I have grown a lot!
The bonus structure is wonderful. The continued education is like nothing I have seen at any other employer, including large corporations.
I am overall happy with my career here, however I am very unhappy with my pay schedule. Our bonus program is very unfair and it discourages us all. We would be much happier with having a solid hourly pay than have a bonus program we are not getting (not the fault of the staff).
The management truly cares about employees; both at work and at home. If things happen...good or bad, they are there to celebrate or try and help. They have attended family events with my family as well as checked on family members who have been in ill health. When things aren't working smoothly they are there to see if it is work related or not and ready to remedy the problem.
I honestly have never worked for a company that has supervisors like with Custom Dental. (Maybe it's just the office I work for, because I feel it's very special with the people that work here.) But, management at my office is so easy to work with. If you have a problem or concern, they are very quick to address it. They are very professional and courteous.
Management makes you feel like you are always a part of the team's decisions, and responsible for your team's success. We are very well rewarded for a job well done!
This company places a large emphasis on personal and business development. We have regular meetings to participate in leadership and teamwork training. We have unlimited access to DVD, books, CD to help improve not just our business development but personal growth as well.



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