At Cloudbakers, 91 percent of employees say their workplace is great.



This review is based on 23 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 4.95. It was published on Apr 3, 2017. 1494 Visitors

What Employees Say

People care about each other here.
Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.
People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.
Management hires people who fit in well here.
Management recognizes honest mistakes as part of doing business.

What They Do

We asked Cloudbakers to explain what they do. Here is what they had to say.

Cloudbakers is a cloud services company that helps mid-market organizations plan their cloud strategy, deploy solutions, and adopt new technologies through change management. Projects may include custom development, email & storage migration, and CRM configuration. We connect with people and contribute to their purpose.

About this Company

Website: Industry: Information Technology
US Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, 60661 US Sites: 4
Major Locations: Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Seattle, Washington US Employees: 25
Corporate Structure: Private Founded: 2010

A close-knit team working together to create cloud solutions

Perks and Programs

We asked Cloudbakers to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say.

  • Education Reimbursement: Cloudbakers will reimburse each full-time regular employee for tuition and book fees upon completion of an accredited and pre-approved training program or course of study.
  • Unlimited PTO: In accordance with Cloudbakers belief that employees should excel in both work and in life, Cloudbakers offers employees an “Unlimited PTO Policy”. This policy allows for employees to take as many paid days off (vacation, sick and personal) as they would like during the calendar year.
  • Work from Home: Cloudbakers offers employees the option to work remotely.
  • Simple IRA: Employees (full-time and part-time) are eligible to participate in a Simple IRA plan. Cloudbakers will match employee contributions dollar for dollar up to 3% of the annual salary.
  • Healthcare Coverage: Cloudbakers provides health insurance to regular, full-time employees with access to medical, dental and vision care insurance benefits. Cloudbakers covers ~90% of monthly medical and dental premiums for full-time eligible employees. Vision plans are 100% employee sponsored.
  • Charitable Donations/Wellness Incentive: Cloudbakers matches employee contributions of to charitable, non-profit organizations. Additionally, Cloudbakers offers employees a yearly incentive towards health related activities.
  • Recognitions & Awards: At the end of each quarter Cloudbakers may choose to recognize employees who have best exemplified our core values through their actions in work and in life. At the end of each year, Cloudbakers may also award specific employees for their contributions to the organization.
  • Cell Phone Stipend: Cloudbakers employees receive a $60 cell phone stipend per month.
  • Company Sponsored Events: Once a month Cloudbakers hosts a catered lunch for all employees. Additionally, multiple times a year, we host offsite events including but not limited to a Cloudbakers Summer Picnic and Holiday Party.
  • Dog Friendly Workspace: Cloudbakers is a dog-friendly office. Employees are welcome to bring dogs into office .


100% Match of employee’s 401(k)/403b contribution up to 3% of salary90% Company-paid health coverage for employees
$5,250 Maximum Tuition Reimbursement
Andy Garcia in the Indianapolis Office


Unlimited Paid time off after one year of full-time employment Unlimited Paid sick days after one year of full-time employment
Unlimited Paid time off as of first day of full-time employment


  • Flexible schedule (50% use it)
  • Telecommute option (30% use it)
  • Subsided On- or Off-site Fitness (100% have access)
  • Onsite Amenities (Food, beverages, parking, happy hour, monthly catered lunches, video games, table top games)

Community and Environmental Impact

$9,173 Philanthropic donations in last year Yes Recycling program


  • Caitlin Garcia is responsible for the success of formal recruiting and retention diversity goals
  • Written policy prohibits discrimination based on (at a minimum) age, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation
  • Non-birth parents in same-sex relationships can take parental leave

Leadership Diversity


Workforce Diversity

Lowell Hall & Andrew Johnston collaborate in Chicago office


Meeting being held in Cloudbakers' downtown Chicago Office

How to Get Hired

We asked Cloudbakers for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

Everything we do comes back to our core values, which is why people that naturally have those values make a good fit for Cloudbakers. If they can build trustworthy relationships, if they have a desire to advance in both work and in their personal lives, if they possess a positive, unrelenting and creative approach to problem-solving, and can give and receive constructive criticism, we're pretty certain they can and will succeed in our culture. Our final core value is the ability to be authentic & be yourself. We tell every prospective employee to interview us simultaneously. They need to feel comfortable in our fast-paced environment and work becomes a lot easier when you are open to bringing your unique personality and skills to the table.

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

Some of the easiest ways are to subscribe to our blog and get to know us, follow us on social media, attend events that we're posting, and research our products and competitors. Ask us questions. Well researched and inquisitive candidates are always impressive to us because all of our team members use that same drive every day to stay ahead of the industry and be the very best we can be for our clients.

Show us what makes you different and don't be afraid to go outside the box! Building custom solutions is what we do, and if we stayed within the same box all the time, we wouldn't be providing the best quality for our clients.

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

We are always looking to grow our team with exceptional and unique talent. We continually have conversations with talented professionals interested in being a part of our collaborative and innovative team. As our team continues to grow rapidly, we will be looking for employees both on the technical and business sides of the organization.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

You can always visit our website, check out the team page and follow the buttons to apply. But above and beyond that, connect with us on social media and actually reach out! We are always open to having conversations with like-minded professionals who are passionate about the cloud and business innovation. It doesn't take long to pick up on our messaging about 'bringing the human element to technology'. With that said, we want to converse the way that humans do. We don't want to meet you just through your resume. Talk, chat, message, tweet, whatever is most comfortable for you!

hiring Outlook

56% Job Growth 48 Average applicants per opening
475 Total job applicants 50% New hires by employee referrals
2 Recent graduates hired 10% Voluntary turnover for full-time employees
* All figures refer to 12-month period prior to reporting, unless otherwise noted.

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