Employees Rank the Best Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production

Great Rated! is excited to announce its 2015 People's Picks in manufacturing and production.

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A Good Year to Get a Great Job

Set your sights high this year. Find a workplace that pays the bills, lets you have a life and feeds your soul.

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Cloying Co-workers, Tech Diversity and Missed Vacations: Worthwhile Stories in the World Of Work

Here at Great Rated!, we're always on the lookout for stories that offer insight into the working world and how to make it better. Here are a handful that recently caught our eye:

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DPR Construction Builds a Culture that Works for Millennials

The founders of DPR Construction must have had a crystal ball when they launched their firm 24 years ago: The small cadre of engineers that formed DPR embraced a flat culture over a hierarchical one, and that has proven to be a winner with young employees today.

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"Culture" – 2014's Word of the Year

The word of the year for 2014 was a hopeful one for workers. Add a comment

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