Three Steps for Early Career Success

Posted by Kathy Lee on January 09 2014

kathy-lee By Kathy Lee

China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work®, recently shared some tips with Chegg for succeeding when you’re starting out in your career. Whether you’ve landed your dream job, or are still getting there, here are the workplace habits you should start cultivating right now.

1. Be a learner. 

In your first job, and in every job you ever do, it’s really important that you learn everything. It doesn’t matter what your position is, what the company is – learn the business. Learn the fundamentals, learn how it makes money, learn everything. You should aim to become an expert in the business you’re in, and set yourself up so that you are always learning something new.

Connect with a long-time employee to learn more about the way things work at the company. Reach out to someone in another department and learn what they do. The more you know about how your company operates, you’ll know what it takes to move up and feel confident when talking about the business with your managers.

2. Be the outperformer. 

It’s easy to avoid giving 100% to a job, particularly if it’s a stepping stone in your career, and doesn’t feel like the perfect job for you. Still, you should be striving to go above and beyond what is expected of you in any job. You never know what opportunities will arise from your current position, you don’t know what connections your current management may have, that you may want to utilize in the future. So make sure that you get a reputation as a hard-worker, as the go-to person if somebody needs something done well. Outperforming your peers, goals and everyone’s expectations for you will set you up for success in advancing your career.

3. Be available.

You should always be available. Be the person who is willing to take on anything new, no matter how big, small, or seemingly menial. Look for opportunities to help wherever you can, and volunteer for anything that comes up. Building a reputation as somebody who is willing to pitch in and do what it takes to help your company is incredibly valuable.   

The habits you create in the early days of your career will stick with you, so make sure that you are being the employee, and the person, that you want to be, and know you can be.