Want to Get In To Harvard Business School?

Posted by Sarah Lewis-Kulin on March 26 2013

sarah_lewis-kulin By Sarah Lewis-Kulin

Harvard Business School’s elite alumnae include a 2012 US presidential candidate, CEOs of such institutions as Goldman Sachs, several presidential cabinet members… And you?

If you are looking to increase your odds of getting in to a top-tier business school – and get funded doing it – look no further than starting your career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The amazing perks at Boston Consulting Group will help you find the graduate school of your dreams by:

1. Increasing Your Odds of Acceptance

An amazing 91 percent of BCGers applying to business school are accepted at a top-tier school, well above the national average. For example, 64 percent of BCGers who applied to Harvard Business School in 2011 were accepted, compared with a general acceptance rate of 12 percent. Similarly, 81 percent of BCGers applying to Wharton were accepted, compared with 17 percent of all other applicants.

2. Providing Help with Your Applications & Tests

BCG credits the wealth of support they provide to employees with these results. In addition to on-the-job apprenticeship, training, and mobility options that are part of the standard package for BCG employees, BCG offers an exceptional range of support to help Associates and Associates promoted to Consultants who were hired with an undergraduate degree the formal support necessary to earn acceptance at a top graduate school. Support includes written recommendations, tuition for GMAT classes, reimbursement for entry exams such as GRE, and a formal program of support for guidance on admissions essays. Every year BCG also convenes all of its MBA applicants for a day of application preparation, including a discussion panel and luncheon with admissions officers from top MBA programs.

3. Funding Your Tuition (and Increasing Your Salary)

For those who make a commitment to return to BCG after graduate school, BCG pays full tuition for up to two years and assists with living expenses, for a total of approximately $129,000 per person. Associates who pursue a graduate degree receive a promotion to Consultant and a compensation increase upon their return to the firm. Last year, BCG provided more than $3.2 million in MBA tuition reimbursement and nearly $900,000 for other advanced degrees.

While many great organizations offer tuition assistance and other forms of mentorship and professional development, it’s hard to beat the level of support and the results achieved through Boston Consulting Group’s programs. Says one employee,

“Working at BCG feels like attending a university, in the sense that it is a life-long affiliation. Even if you leave, as an alum you are part of the larger BCG family and always have access to many resources for education, networking and career support. It is somewhere, like the schools I attended, that I will associate myself with and feel proud of for my entire life, and that will connect me to others.”