More Companies are Realizing the Importance of Workplace Culture

Posted by Jennifer King on April 09 2013

sarah_lewis-kulin By Sarah Lewis-Kulin

It turns out Great Place to Work® isn’t the only one that knows the importance of workplace culture and the benefits it can have on KPIs. Jennifer King, HR analyst for Software Advice, recently posted a new article: Company Culture, From the Top: The Emergence of the “Culture Chief”. In her article, King reaches out to just a few of the growing number of companies that have recently hired Culture Chiefs.

The benefits of hiring a ‘Happyologist’

Key performance indicators vary by organization and the priorities for each culture chief, but one that remains consistent and is measurable is employee turnover. Impact Advisors hired Michael Nutter in 2010 as its Director of Firm Culture and Associate Satisfaction – their “Happyologist,” as the company informally calls him – to help sustain the company’s unique culture and low turnover rate as the workforce continued to grow.

Since he started as culture chief, Nutter created a “Happiness Dashboard” to measure various performance indicators, including turnover rates and happiness ratings based on one-on-one interviews he conducts with new employees.

In her article, King also includes tips for companies that wish to hire a Culture Chief. One piece of advice she offers is to choose a Culture Chief that has employer brand experience. For example, American Express boasts a world-renowned Global Employer Brand that has benefited greatly from top-performing new hires.

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