Intuit Offers Exceptional 401(k) Match - And Other Retirement Trends

Intuit Offers Exceptional 401(k) Match - And Other Retirement Trends

Posted by Kim Peters on April 23 2015

The editors at NewRetirement recently interviewed me to find out more about what great companies are doing to help their employees plan for retirement, what makes for an enviable retirement plan, how businesses can stay attractive to employees of all ages, and the trends we are seeing across great workplaces regarding retirement planning.

I explained that when we examine companies’ retirement programs, we are looking not only for a high degree of financial generosity in what they offer, but also markers that the programs the company provides are accessible to everyone in their organizations and really take into account who people are as individuals.

Great Rated! companies provide generous matching programs up to (and even exceeding) 100 percent of employees’ contributions. Many companies fund employees’ retirement accounts even when employees themselves do not contribute. Over 200 Great Rated! companies match between 50 and 125 percent of employees’ own 401(k) contributions. Intuit is the stand-out, matching 125 percent of employees’ contributions up to $10,000 each year.

But Great Rated! companies also take care to provide their people with ongoing financial education that encourages retirement planning and is customized to employees’ particular lives and career stages. These employers are also increasingly offering a range of job options that make it possible for employees of retirement age to work part-time or access an official phased retirement program, which is very attractive for many folks who have spent a lifetime committed to their careers and want to take a longer period of time to rebalance their lives.

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