Forget the Nap Pods and Trips to Bermuda: What Really Matters at the 100 Best

Forget the Nap Pods and Trips to Bermuda: What Really Matters at the 100 Best

Posted by Sarah Lewis-Kulin on March 05 2015

Great Place to Work recently surveyed 250,000 employees to find out which workplaces employees say are the best companies to work for in the country.

Google is the reigning champion, topping the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®” list for the fourth consecutive year. Workday, Nationwide, Riot Games and Twitter are among the 17 newcomers.

If you suspect the reason these organizations made the list is their nap pods, bonuses, free meals and trips to tropical islands – you are only partly right.

“Even at the most perk-laden companies, what’s most meaningful to people is the actual quality of the day-to-day experience working there,” says Kim Peters, CEO of Great Place to Work’s Great Rated! workplace review site. “Employees are insightful. Bonuses and shortened summer hours don’t make people forget they are being treated disrespectfully the rest of the year.”

To get a true picture of employees’ daily lives on the job, Great Place to Work surveys a statistically valid sample of employees asking them 58 questions about everything from how trustworthy their managers are, to their level of stress in the workplace, to whether they actually feel like they can use their vacation days or parental leave programs when they want to. Researchers select list winners through an algorithm that places two-thirds of its weight on this employee feedback. The balance of the ranking takes into account the quality of the workplace benefits the company offers in comparison to other applicants – for example, how generous they are, who has access to them and how unique they are, among other indicators.

Curious about what employees actually said in their survey feedback? Great Place to Work publishes a summary of each company’s survey results – including employee quotes and highlights of their compensation and benefits programs – in a list feature on its Great Rated! review site.

And, click here to learn more and register for the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list.