Cloying Co-workers, Tech Diversity and Missed Vacations: Worthwhile Stories in the World Of Work

Posted by Peter Barnes on January 09 2015

Here at Great Rated!, we're always on the lookout for stories that offer insight into the working world and how to make it better. Here are a handful that recently caught our eye:

–Take a Stand–

A study highlighted by this week adds to the body of research that shows breaking up bouts in the office chair with regular standing and movement can have tangible health benefits. Just ask people who work for employers like the City of Rancho Cordova and Viverae that offer standing or treadmill desks.

–Coping with Your Colleagues–

Frustrated with an overly moody, spacey or confrontational co-worker? A psychologist recently offered Fast Company some helpful tips to cope. Or, you could try to convince your boss to implement the flat hierarchy and employee-focused management at an innovative organization like Badger Mining Corp.

–Intel Invests in Diversity–

Among the projects it recently unveiled at CES, Intel announced a $300 million initiative to bolster the ranks of women and minorities at the company. You can also take an in-depth look at Intel's workplace culture in the company's Great Rated! review.

–No Vacation for 42 Percent of Americans–

A survey conducted by travel website found that more than four in ten Americans did not take a single day off for a vacation in 2014. Thankfully, employers like Novo Nordisk , Intuitive Research and Technology Corp. and Studer Group – just to name a few – are trying to reverse this trend with leave policies that recognize the importance of taking time off.

–The Uber-ization of the Labor Market–

The Economist recently took an in-depth look at services like Uber, Task Rabbit and dozens of other businesses that deliver freelance workers to your door with the swipe of a smartphone. The growth of these companies raises interesting questions about the future of wages, career flexibility and even the very definition of what it means to be employed.