Where are the good jobs?

Posted by Ed Frauenheim on October 30 2014

America’s economy has been growing and adding jobs for several years now. But there’s concern that many of these new positions don’t pay well and are in areas—such as retail and food preparation—that are typically believed not to offer much room for professional growth. What’s more, wages have been stagnant over the past decade or so for many workers.

Politicians and pundits have talking up the problem, especially in this election year.

But apart from that debate, there are good jobs to be had, even within sectors that might typically be overlooked. And a good place to look for them is at the hundreds of companies reviewed here at Great Rated!

At the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For®” which Great Place to Work selects and are listed on our site, 80 percent of employees feel fairly paid. And nearly three-quarters of employees at those firmssay they get a fair share of the profits at their organizations. At the Great Place to Work® Best Small and Medium Workplaces, nine in 10 employees feel they get the training they need to further themselves professionally. And fully 94 percent of employees at those best small and medium-sized workplaces say “management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.”


These workplaces aren’t just great. They’re hiring. Google, the top large workplace this year, had nearly 9,000 openings in the past year. Aerospace engineering firm Intuitive Research and Technology, the top medium-size workplace, had 5 percent growth, or 20 new openings in the past year. And commercial real estate firm Granite Properties, the top small workplace, had 16 openings in the past year.

Granite Properties

It’s not surprising the best workplaces are hiring—because the best cultures also tend to crush the business competition.

So if you’re thinking about looking for a job, Great Rated! is a great place to start. We hope you find what you’re looking for.