Great Things Come in Small Packages in the Tech Industry

Posted by Ed Frauenheim on October 16 2014

Small can be beautiful in the tech industry—especially when it comes to paychecks, profit-sharing and decision-making power.

In other words, fair pay, a fair share of the profits and employee involvement in workplace decisions are among the ways the Great Rated! Great Workplaces in Technology with fewer than 1,000 employees outperform other technology companies in our recent study of the industry.

So if you're thinking about a job in the tech sector, there's plenty to like about the best of the industry's small and medium-sized firms.

ChartConsider what an employee at Great Workplaces in Technology winner Visionist told us about decision making at the firm: "The employees feel empowered to offer ideas, introduce an activity, pursue an interest and turn it into a business opportunity, present company initiative or even bring to light an internal team goal. The two owners are very supportive and encouraging of ideas, suggestions and will encourage action."

To help job seekers decide which workplace is the best fit for them, we recently released our list of 20 top technology workplaces, as decided by employees themselves. "The Great Rated!™ People's Picks: 20 Great Workplaces in Technology" is divided into large firms and small and medium-sized firms.

Startups in the technology field have always attracted talent hoping to strike it rich with stock options or change the world with the next killer app. Indeed, some of the 10 Small and Medium Great Workplaces in Technology fit the startup label—see Gainsight and Visionist

The 20 winning companies were selected from a total of 127 technology companies based on the average scores of nearly 50,000 employees who were surveyed using the Trust Index© assessment. The Trust Index© is the 58-question survey of workplace trust, pride and camaraderie that Great Rated!'s parent, Great Place to Work®, uses to survey millions of employees worldwide each year.

But there also are older, small firms. Consulting firm Intellinet, for example, has been around since 1993. And these established, smaller tech companies have won the hearts and minds of their people.

Consider a cool pay-related perk from Intellinet dubbed "Mark's Favorite Things." Inspired by Oprah Winfrey's well-known gift giving initiative, Oprah's Favorite Things, Intellinet's president Mark Seeley has created his own version to reward all employees for achieving a shared goal. If one of the specified targets is met, employees can choose one gift from a list including $500 in cash, a big screen TV of their choice, an iPad, front-row theater or sporting event tickets or a vacation resort trip.

As big a deal to Intellinet staffers is the caring, friendly feel of the place. "Intellinet truly cares about its employees and does all it can to assist with life's challenges," one employee told us. 

So when you weigh your options in applying for a job in tech, don't overlook the little guys. You just might find a gem of a workplace.