The Best of the Biggest in Tech

Posted by Ed Frauenheim on October 28 2014

They talk, they train and they take care of the community. 

That’s how best large tech workplaces stand out from the rest. 

In other words, communication, a commitment to employee development and a serious sense of corporate social responsibility are among the ways the Great Rated! Great Workplaces in Technology with 1,000 or more employees outperform other technology companies in our recent study of the industry.

While potential startup stock riches and being a big fish in a small pond may be attractive draws for smaller tech firms, there’s a lot to like about the best of the industry’s large workplaces.

For example, employees at Great Workplaces in Technology winner appreciate the company’s 1/1/1 philanthropy model: it donates 1 percent of employees’ time, 1 percent of its equity and 1 percent of the product to its communities. 

The 20 winning companies were selected from a total of 127 technology companies based on the average scores of nearly 50,000 employees who were surveyed using the Trust Index© assessment. The Trust Index© is the 58-question survey of workplace trust, pride and camaraderie that Great Rated! and Great Place to Work® use to survey millions of employees worldwide each year.

"We are big on volunteering and giving back to the community!” one staffer told us. “I love that we can use our work hours to volunteer here."

To help job seekers decide which workplace is the best fit for them, we recently released our list of 20 top technology workplaces, as decided by employees themselves. “The Great Rated!TM People’s Picks: 20 Great Workplaces in Technology” is divided into large firms, meaning those with 1,000 or more employees, and small and medium firms, with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Big can mean bureaucratic. But the best large tech workplaces find a way to make communication a strength. Here’s what an employee at Great Workplaces in Technology winner World Wide Technology told us about communication at the firm: "The management is very approachable, even all the way up to the president and CEO. There is a coach-up mentality, where employees are encouraged to provide feedback to management on their ideas and thoughts about things they do and don't like."

Some tech companies may worry that developing people with the latest coding skills is foolish, because those people can then take their new skills to a competitor who avoided the training cost. But the best seem to see that a long view is in order—that they’ll either hold onto people they train or at least become known as a place that trains and therefore become a talent magnet. In other words, they will take pains to make sure you get the skills you need to avoid becoming obsolete. 

Here’s how a staffer at Great Workplaces in Technology winner Ultimate Software described the company’s approach to employee development.

“Ultimate Software provides opportunities for me to find new and innovative ways to do my job,” the employee told us. “The company provides me with tools that I need to complete my duties, but also recognizes that there may be other technology or tools that will assist me in my job, specifically as a virtual and traveling employee. The company often provides an allowance for me to purchase new technology of my choosing to allow me to conduct business.”

Yet another area in which the 10 Large Great Workplaces in Technology stand out is providing a sense of job security. In a field that has weathered a lot of layoffs over the past few decades, the best large workplaces get that employees want a measure of job stability. In other words, they don’t just talk, train and take care of the community: they’ll take care of you as well.