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About Great Place to Work® Reviews

While companies look to recruit and hire the right candidate, job seekers are equally interested in finding the right position at the right company. That’s why Great Place to Work® uses data and insights to write Reviews that offer a true picture of the workplace and elevate the hiring experience. Companies with published Great Place to Work® Reviews display our badge and link to our Review to show they are serious about creating great workplaces, comfortable with transparency, and interested in sharing the unique aspects of their workplaces treasured by employees.


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Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Over 10 million employees in 50 countries annually take the Trust Index© Employee Survey, its proprietary research tool. The U.S. entity of the firm's global network, Great Place to Work® United States, offers management consulting and leadership training to U.S.-based organizations ranging from multinational corporations to small start-ups. It also produces the annual Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list and the Best Small & Medium Workplaces list. Follow Great Place to Work® - United States online at www.greatplacetowork.com and on Twitter at @GPTW_US.


The Great Place to Work® Reviews Rating Process

Based on the results of a statistically valid employee survey (the Great Place to Work® Trust Index©) and information provided by the company (the Culture Brief™), we analyze each organization and capture its employees’ workplace experiences in each Rating & Review.

About Our Ratings System

Reviewed companies are given ratings in six areas based on current employees’ feedback on an anonymous survey.  These areas rate the quality of the company’s Challenges, Atmosphere, Rewards, Pride, Communication and Bosses.

A result of 84%, for example, means that 84% of that company’s employees responded to our survey saying that they “Often”, “Almost Always” or “Sometimes” experience positive relevant behaviors in the category.

The deep blue illustrates the percent of the company’s employees who say that it is “often true” or “almost always true” that they experience the positive relevant behaviors; and the light blue reflects the percent of company employees who say that it is “sometimes true and sometimes untrue” that they experience these behaviors. The detailed breakdown of these sets of responses can be seen by hovering above each bar chart.

We make certain to survey enough employees that you can trust that these results accurately reflect the company. Our research methods ensure that the ratings are accurate to a 95% confidence level – meaning, 95 times out of 100 if we resurveyed that company’s employees we’d get the same result. The sample size, confidence level and margin of error are disclosed for every company.

Our survey and ratings system is based on over 25 years of global research that Great Place to Work® Institute has been doing to find out what makes great workplaces from employees’ perspectives, and how companies can improve their workplaces.