At 49 Financial, 97 percent of employees say their workplace is great.



This review is based on 87 employee surveys, with a 90% confidence level and a margin of error of ± 2.25. It was published on Nov 27, 2018. 909 Visitors

What Employees Say

People here are given a lot of responsibility.
People care about each other here.
People here are willing to give extra to get the job done.
I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.
You can count on people to cooperate.

What They Do

We asked 49 Financial to explain what they do. Here is what they had to say.

49 Financial provides comprehensive advice and service on investments, risk management, and financial planning for individuals, families, and businesses. We want to revolutionize the financial industry through our advisors' fierce loyalty, selfless teamwork, abundant gratitude, and deep conviction.

About this Company

Website: Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
US Headquarters: Austin, Texas, 78759 US Sites: 2
Major Locations: Dallas, Texas, 75251 US Employees: 101
US Revenues: $8.6 million Worldwide Revenues: $8.6 million
Corporate Structure: Private Founded: 2016

Office Training Day

Perks and Programs

We asked 49 Financial to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say.

  • Values Award: We have an award called the "Two Are Better Than One" award, where a member of each month's starting class is voted on by those starting class members. The person chosen is the individual that the starting class believes is a team player, puts others first, and works to help others in all areas. This person is usually outgoing, people-oriented, and a hard worker as well.
  • Impact Day: Once a year, our firm takes a day off of work to go serve in our community. For the Austin office, that time has been spent, for the past two years, serving at the Austin Central Food Bank making meals for the community. This year, our Dallas office dedicated its time to working with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Annual Holiday Event: In previous years, 49 Financial has hosted a Halloween party and costume contest, as well as a Christmas party at the CEO's house. This year we are having a "Friendsgiving" with employees and their significant others, as well as an extended Christmas celebration as a part of our two-day annual planning retreat. This is a time where not only employees, but their loved ones can get to know each other better, and we believe that celebrations like this are integral to what makes the culture of 49 Financial so special.
  • Monday Coffee Break: Every Monday afternoon, we bring in coffee for a firm-wide coffee break to power through what is the longest, and most productive/important, of the days of our week. The coffee break gives every member of 49 Financial a chance to spend time bonding with their co-workers and relax for a little bit. During this same break, we periodically set aside times of gratitude, where employees spend a few moments to send out messages to co-workers, family, friends, clients, and others - just to let people know that we are thankful for them.
  • Associate of the Month: Each month we recognize our 'Associate of the Month', who is the overall top performer of the month. We then recognize each of those winners at our quarterly planning meetings. The culmination of the 'Associate of the Month' competition is awarding the 'Associate of the Year' (the individual with the top performance over all 12 months combined).
  • Vision Trips: A unique element of the process by which we direct the future of 49 Financial are our Vision Trips. These bi-annual trips are open to those who meet certain qualifications, and are a place to discuss where our company is headed. While on a Vision trip, the group discusses improvements we can make for the firm, plans around new opportunities, and reflects on successes and setbacks from the previous year. Vision Trips also provide an opportunity for inter-team bonding through hiking, skiing, and other fun activities.
  • Onboarding Culture Events: An element of 49 Financial's culture we are particularly proud of are our Onboarding Culture Events. These company-organized events are held monthly, and an open invite is extended to all individuals in their first three months on the job. This gives our newest team members an opportunity to get to know each other and build relationships with other 49 Financial associates outside of their specific teams, all while having fun engaging in everything from chili cook-offs, to laser tag, to game nights and more.
  • Leadership Development: A key pillar to 49 Financial's success has been our focus on leadership development. Specifically, we have several different programs, each of which has been tiered and scaled to accommodate the different stages of leadership development that are present when training a new leader. This process is supplemented through weekly trainings, spanning a host of industry topics, all taught from experts in our firm. Leaders who pass through our development programs have been tested through both written reviews and situational role-plays to ensure that they are at the pinnacle of preparedness and are well-equipped to lead the next generation of our associates in revolutionizing the industry.
  • Accountability: Accountability is a core component of everything we are at 49 Financial. We believe that in order to be successful, every individual must have three levels of accountability, and that this structure is Biblical in its application. Those three levels are: a "Paul"  - a leader and mentor figure in the firm whose role is to provide wisdom and guidance, a "Barnabas" - a peer and individual who is experiencing the same hardships and successes, and a "Timothy" - a less senior individual for whom *you* provide guidance and wisdom (acting as their "Paul"). With those three levels working together, 49 Financial remains committed to achieving outrageous goals, maintaining incredible culture, and engaging in unparalleled community.


$61,154 Average salary and additional cash compensation for Advisor55% Company-paid health coverage for employees
Kickball Onboarding Event


Unlimited Vacation Paid time off Unlimited Sick Paid time off
Unlimited Paid time off as of first day of full-time employment


  • Flexible schedule (100% use it)
  • Telecommute option (100% use it)
  • Onsite Amenities (Substantial and expansive corporate discounts from service providers and business goods manufacturers (cellular coverage, computers/printers/phones/etc., car purchases, car and hotel rental, gas, flights, etc.) Discounted or advantageously structured access to exercise subscriptions, coffee and snacks)


90 days Job-protected paternity leave (including FMLA)

Community and Environmental Impact

2 LEED certified building(s) Yes Renewable energy program
Yes Recycling program Yes Locally-sourced food program


  • AXA Diversity & Inclusion oversees diversity and inclusion practices
  • Written policy prohibits discrimination based on (at a minimum) age, disability, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation
  • Formal programs (such as resource groups, mentorship, networking, or other affinity groups) support professional development for: Under-represented racial/ethnic minority groups; Women; Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender employees; Disabled employees; Speakers of English as a second language; Employees reentering the workforce
  • 2 events a year connect employees with peers from different racial/ethnic, religious or country-of-origin identities

Leadership Diversity


Workforce Diversity

Quarterly Planning Day


Career Fair

How to Get Hired

We asked 49 Financial for some inside information on how to get hired at the organization. Here is what they had to say.

What key characteristics tell you a prospective employee will be a great fit for your company?

One key characteristic that tells us whether a prospective employee will be a great fit for our company is that they are honest and genuine in their interviews. We want to know their character rather than what they think we would prefer to hear. Another characteristic we look for, when deciding if a candidate is a great fit, is their professional bearing (the way in which they carry and conduct themselves). In our career, associates are meeting with clients daily, so representing one’s firm and oneself in a confident and genial manner is a key factor in determining fit.

What can prospective employees do to get your attention?

One excellent way to garner our attention is for candidates to represent themselves with humility and confidence. A second is that candidates go above and beyond to express initiative and gratitude. Third would be that candidates demonstrate professionalism and are well prepared for all interviews and meetings. Lastly, standout candidates have done research about our company and mission before coming into the office. All of these are great ways for a candidate to gain and hold attention during the interview process.

Are there any positions or types of candidates you are particularly focused on hiring in this coming year?

In the coming year (2019) we are renewing our focus on candidates that are excited about the expansion of 49 Financial into new geographies nationwide – candidates who not only ascribe to the mission, vision, and values of 49 Financial, but who want to expand on them with new goals and aspirations of how we can revolutionize the industry. We also hope to hire additional headquarters staff to continue to support our associates from an administrative and executive capacity.

What should interested candidates do to find out more and get started?

Interested candidates can find more information about our company through our website (, Facebook page, and LinkedIn business page. We also are active at many different colleges through career fairs and on-campus speaking engagements where students can interact directly with our associates. Outside of those avenues, we always encourage interested candidates to simply reach out and speak to us; each and every one of our associates is a great source of information about, and insight into, 49 Financial.

hiring Outlook

136 Forecasted positions to fill in coming year 53% Job Growth
56 Average applicants per opening 3,911 Total job applicants
3% New hires by employee referrals 69 Recent graduates hired
14% Voluntary turnover for full-time employees
* All figures refer to 12-month period prior to reporting, unless otherwise noted.

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